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Lately we've got some resident(s) in the army of European country, who wished to share their special experience in math/code with those who are interested. For the sake of definiteness, we named them Ame Non.

Although the value of pieces they are willing to provide is questionable (not to mention the security status, quite vague at least, meaning we should spend our precious time on filtering), it is nevertheless a curious insight, more of historical kind... perhaps.

One of the aspects we've taken into account when deciding to permit its publishing was to present a picture of the development in the army — the army as a body whose condition turns to be critical for the survival of society and state. Or should we speak, instead of development, about an evolution; slow, full of trial-and-error, but throwing the awkward probes out from the deep oceans onto the shore, creatures that someday will conquer the lands. There are not many ways to see what's happening under the surface, while the inhabitants of a country may ask constantly about the armaments, defense, military medicine, security, intelligence service etc. etc. etc. And they have such a right: alas, at usual circumstances the military men don't make haste when the case in question is a progress — a boring, dull, tedious yet vital technical progress amidst not-so-friendly environment and bitchy neighbours.

For, if there is no development, and the evolution is simply a mask on the face of stagnation, many would die for nothing, bravely but vainly fighting against the enemies tirelessly produced by childbearing machine of the aforementioned bitchy neighbour called, in our case, Russian Federation.

On the other hand, there are fragments of information accelerating improvements, accelerating the flow of conflicts... accelerating everything, good and bad, important and indifferent. The time is limited for humankind, as it is limited for cosmos, filled with creatures living on its fabric, painted with stories of their lives. And if we have the opportunity to leave behind the senseless pages as soon as possible, then why the heck not to blow on them (unless you believe the sense is in struggle against the antisense).

Ame Non happen(s) to be a convenient source of such data, allowing us to profit from its attitude towards sharing of specific personal working experience. Yeah, the work, just everyday work, as the majority of army people knows very well. It possesses amusing infancy that like a sand, has spilled through our fingers long ago.

Download Ame Non (Fremdling) <amenonbox INSERTAT gmail DOT com> PGP Public Key (Binary)

.bin, 2 216 B, SHA-256 hash — 5FD88541F563CA5F014048CBCC087AFA8594623C7ED3A746EE2CEEC7695E3073.

Download Ame Non (Fremdling) <amenonbox INSERTAT gmail DOT com> PGP Public Key (ASCII)

.asc, 3 152 B, SHA-256 hash — FAB99D6138F63DF1077B371E4F261BED952F9CD61444D05AFBA6207780646D59.

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