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If you have anything to say, ask a question or give an advice, point out a missing feature or a bug, and agree to be heard by unknown ones (that alone deserves thanks), please mail to

mediator<YOU SHOULD KNOW THE SYMBOL>sunkware.org

Our previous email old-email is DEPRECATED.

In case you attach pictures, tables or other data, consider that maximum size of attachment is limited. It's a good idea to compress the data. Also, we cannot guarantee the receiving of your message or immediate reply (take a week as ceiling term), so please be patient and wait for few days before complaining on our service.

We shall read (not to say reply on) messages written in English or Ukrainian.

To verify the downloads from this site or to be sure that anyone else but we can read your messages, use our PGP Public Key:

Download Sunkware (Mediator) <the e-mail above> PGP Public Key (Binary)

.bin, 2856 B

SHA-256 — EE7F890AC717EAD2F192AAEBE362F664FD0EC7A7F2B048A45D31C11AA27CB0F8.

Download Sunkware (Mediator) <the e-mail above> PGP Public Key (ASCII)

.asc, 3947 B

SHA-256 — 03D36F3AB0334F4F1F2814A1BDA16C6124D4D65E1458BE6C6F5EA006FBCD28C9.

Here's its fingerprint:

(Visit gnupg.org if you are new at public-key cryptography. There are nuances...)

Your suggestions and remarks, opinions and critique, greetings and damnations are expected to be useful. By revealing the weak spots of our projects, you help to improve them according to your needs. Therefore, make your queries as clear as possible, and you will get the result soon. Give them a reasonable title, describe what happened and the problems you've encountered, along with circumstances they've emerged at. Attach the screenshots of the situation (or even screencasts).

It is not required to reveal your personality, however, significant changes — critical bugs, updates, localisations — will be credited by (pseudo)names of those who noticed, inspired, or made them.

We'll be glad to know you are there.

With the warmest of smiles,
Sunkware Development Team

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