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When you visit a page of this site, simple (<100 lines) PHP script called VisitIPs stores

• your IP — $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] =

• moment of your visit — date() = 2023.06.05 Mon 09:55:18

• page you visit — $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = /visitips/index.php

• referer, or «where you came from» — $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] =

• your User Agent info — $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] = CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

in a database. And we do not guarantee that no one except us can read it (hosting owners are the most obvious suggestion, but they presumably have their own trackers).

Well, take a look at the script yourself:

Click here to download VisitIPs v1.0 and waste your time

.zip, 14.5 K. Up-date 2020.05.17

SHA-256 hash — 18EA49B43FCCDD00D9F28805143FB7800A448153BCEBD20C3D53398151F3DF35.

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We apologise for the privacy inconvenience. You can use VPN or anonymisers, say, Tor, to hide your «real» IP, and browser settings or extensions to conceal (fake) referer along with User Agent info. Oh, and switching JavaScript on/off changes nothing, although it is safer to switch it off at places you do not trust enough.

There are lots of more advanced trackers around, but they are so sophisticated and made by someone else, we're scaaared to use them...

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