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Here's a brief description of the stuff:

aSmCaHlIgZaMaze ™

Cross-platform game, where you experience schizm and amalgamation of adventurer's probability distribution across multiverse 2D maze on a single screen via the mapping of probability to opacity of adventurer's image in all possible locations and directions. Mazes can be added and assets can be changed without engine recompilation. Built-in localisation support. Written in Rust, uses SDL2.


JavaScript snippet showing, on a Web page, the animation of random subset of human face photos being averaged, when the subset changes over time by a small number of elements on each step.

Cinetraverse ™

Cross-platform engine to play and solve verses in Cinetraverse format. A verse is a point-and-click-and-read puzzle, where the player finds places by opening portals; to unlock a portal, the player must select the right combination of things to complete phrases. Creation and sharing of the verses does not require engine recompilation. Demo verse and GUI configurator are provided. Has built-in localisation support.


Fourier Video Loop is a command-line utility to seamlessly loop frame sequence (enumerated .png images) by cutting spectrum of per-pixel transformation over time. There are few options to control the cutting.

Life+ for Web

JavaScript snippet to display the stochastic cellular automaton (generalising famous Conway's Game of Life) on a Web page, and modify its behaviour by changing control probabilities.


LIving PAges, JavaScript snippet to show screensaver-like animations when there is no input from user for some specified time.

Naamari ™

Portable semi-automatic file synchroniser with AES/SHA-based encryption, can be used in conjunction with a cloud or any remote storage which has a console client to upload and download files. Cryptographic and transport modules are separate applications. There are multilanguage help and learning video.


VBA program that automatically fills most redundant sections of «NMKD» — a rather senseless, bureaucratic-spirited document used at Ukrainian universities.


JavaScript snippet to view, on a Web page, equirectangular (spherical) panoramas in «usual» 3D freelook mode, rolling the «eye» in real-time by mouse, with the option to cycle hues. Doesn't require WebGL.

Quesfera ™

Cross-platform framework/engine to make point & click adventures, or quests, with 3D panoramic freelook (similar to Myst III Exile or Scratches). Written in Go and uses SDL2. Demo «game» and GUI configurator are provided. Includes inventory management, item usage, reading descriptions and books, dialogues with branches, menu, saving & loading, intro, credits, has built-in localisation support for texts and voices.


Cross-platform 3D framework/engine with 6 degrees of freedom to make approach&click quests. Written in Rust, uses SDL2. Demo “game” is provided. Includes music and sound playing, inventory management, item usage, reading descriptions, branched dialogues, saving and loading, has multilanguage support.

RemotExam ™

PHP script with MySQL DB, it provides a simple remote one-time pseudorandom draw of exam question-paper online. As an examinator, you deploy it on your website, add participants to DB, automatically send them individual links, and set the exam for selected groups or participants; they send you photos of their papers by email. Some common functions are available from password-protected admin interface.


Logic game where you scythe grass to prevent it from excessive spreading.

Skelenta ™

Timetable editor for educational institutions like schools or universities. Examples included. Multilanguage support for interface and documentation. Learning videos available. Solace dryad, save paper!


JavaScript snippet to generate the «music» from brownian motion of floaters, associated with different instruments, which move through the circular field being scanned by revolving ray.

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