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♦ 2D logic game ♦ 2D логічна гра ♦

It's a 2D logic game. As the nameless «person with scythe» you run by small field and eliminate green cells, which represent grass. You can't step on blue cells meaning deep, icy water and your path must not leave the grass. As you move to water or plain ground, the round is finished. Naturally, the round is called «day». Next day, the grass grows, spreading from green cells to adjacent ground ones. It cannot grow on the water. Your mission is to keep the amount of grass cells below exact limit, and do it for a specified number of days.

Obviously, visual style of this implementation is very archaic, as seen on the screenshots. Few drops of sprite animation do not make it AAA-class thing. Probably the «scarce» would be a better word, huh? Honestly, what you see is merely a concept, and you may become the one boosting it to high life of 3D graphics, rendered animation, cool music and sound effects, aside from the dramatic background story making even the coldest of hearts burn in agony... whatever you wish. On the other hand,

If you're not scared, just play and enjoy.

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