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Question. “aSmCaHlIgZaMaze”?..

Answer. “Schizm” + “Amalgam” + “Maze”.

Q. How precisely the probability distribution is calculated?

A. Currently 64-bit floats are used, hence some precision loss occurs and accumulates. Rationals, based on big integers of arbitrary bit length, would avoid this problem at the cost of memory required to keep numerators and denominators.

Q. How the probability P is mapped to opacity A of adventurer's image?

A. If P = 0, then A = 0 and nothing is drawn. If P is in (0, 1], then

A = max(0, (1 + log2P) / S)

where S is adjustable “logarithmic opacity scale”, 16 by default. See src/master/render_player.rs.

Press L to switch to linear mapping A = P; adventurer(s) quickly become too transparent then.

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