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♦ JavaScript snippet generating musick from brownian motion being scanned by revolving ray ♦
♦ JavaScript-сниппет, формирующий муззыку из броуновского движения, сканируемого вращающимся лучом ♦
♦ JavaScript-сніппет, який формує муззику з броунівського руху, сканованого променем, що обертається ♦


Get the snippet and samples (.ogg format) from Download page, add your own. Put all samples into some folder on your site.

Put "sonaria-x.y.z.js" to another dir of the site, open it in editor. There are few parameters at the beginning that you need to set:

Sonaria.sampleDirPath must be a path to the folder where you have put the samples, excluding trailing slash "/".

Sonaria.instruments is the list of, well, instruments available to snippet. They are given in the form "name"-"active-flag".

Sonaria.presets is the list of presets that can be chosen from the corresponding menu.

Sonaria.radius specifies the radius of the «field» in pixels.

Customize other parameters to your needs (see below).

Insert the script into .html with the following line of code:

<script src="path-to-dir-with-snippet/sonaria-x.y.z.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


The controls are on the panel; most of them should explain themselves. Changing the set of active instruments or the number of floaters resets the automaton and reassigns instruments randomly. Drag-and-drop the floaters by clicking, holding, and releasing left mouse button. Double-click on the field to change the positions of the floaters randomly, without resetting.


Edit the initial values of parameters in the beginning of the .js file to adjust framerate, style of control panel, and various sizes.

Or better, modify the code in any way you like.


This snippet uses sound samples from external sources, mostly freesound.org.

Copyright © 2014–2021 Sunkware
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