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Engine Source

Click here to download Rayngin v0.3.0

.zip, 126 K. Up-date 2021.07.31

SHA-256 — 1CDBCA48A293576440D7188A0FA3D3ED582F4E66A2811B91D1143B9B1DBC4F42.

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Or get it from crates.io/crates/rayngin.

In Rust, uses SDL2.


Common data files used by the engine demo. Put the binaries (and shared libraries if necessary) to this dir.

Click here to download data for Rayngin v0.3.0

.zip, 40.3 M. Up-date 2021.07.31

SHA-256 — F49F4D29307C38FB2FAF918EA221BA1C42DC498439F1260113DCEEE34D00C153.

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Precompiled engine. Sufficient if you don't modify it. Download the ones corresponding to your OS from the list below and put them to the dir with data. If your OS is not present in the list, and the binaries for the similar OSes cannot run, consider downloading & compiling the engine instead.

Click here to download binaries of Rayngin v0.3.0 for Ubuntu 64-bit

.tar.bz2, 1.5 M. Up-date 2021.07.31

SHA-256 — C8588600D814D7BDC295297680CD300E55ECF89F8D35F57B6899B23D44CEB246.

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