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Currently, as of version 1.0f, Skelenta supports the following languages of the interface (in alphabetical order):


Russian — Русский

Ukrainian — Українська

The documentation (help) is distributed as .chm files, one for each language, named "SkelHelp_XYZ.chm", where XYZ's a 3-letter language code. English (ENG, ), Russian(RUS, ), and Ukrainian (UKR, ) versions are distributed with Skelenta and accessible out-of-the-box. Other versions have to be downloaded here and placed in the HELP directory of Skelenta installation dir.

For instance, if you're a dweller of Mars, speaking Martian (MAR) and installed Skelenta to D:\Programs\Skelenta, then you should download SkelHelp_MAR.chm and put it into D:\Programs\Skelenta\HELP.

For now, any additional language of the documentation is available for download. Wanna help = translate?.. Read the Appendix A of the existing documentation to get the basics, and inform us, please, before you proceed.

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