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01.10.2016. Updates, v0.9.5

• To increase performance, drawing goes in more «native» way, on ImageData of CanvasContext (followed by putImageData()), instead of calling fillRect() for each block.

01.07.2016. Minor updates, v0.9.4

• Width & height are explicitly specified in the style of field canvas, ensuring they're equal to the «native» size.

29.06.2016. Minor updates, v0.9.3

• Added tooltips for controls.

• Added left padding of controls as parameter.

24.06.2016. Minor updates, v0.9.2

(Some trivialities let themselves be recalled only the next minute after the release...)

• One subtle optimization and namespace unification.

23.06.2016. Initial release, v0.9.1

Hi, hi... hi.

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