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Question. How can I trust this thing?

Answer. A priori, you cannot.

And shouldn't. Especially since at least one critical security flaw was revealed (fixed by now).

However, you can read the manual included in the release. Let's hope it washes away the questions not worthy of mentioning them here.

The attentive analysis of the source code is the next line to cross on the endless road to an absolute confidence.

When this project will have been tested and audited by some experts, we'll be happy to trumpet the (positive?) results all over here. You won't believe, anyway.

Q. For how long can I use one key pentad?

A. It gladdens us already that you've asked this question. Generally, the shorter the better, because every bit you place on the remote storage gives non-zero information to the adversaries out there.

Of all keys in a pentad, the fifth is used much more extensively than others, to calculate the per-block-key for each 16-byte block you encrypt. We don't know neither lower, nor upper bounds for the complexity/time it takes to recover the value of this key. Assuming that any repeat of per-block-key is a red flag, we may, very uncertainly, recommend to discontinue the usage of any given pentad after 264 blocks of data have been processed.

232 is safer, indeed.

Q. Why not compress files before moving to storage (and uncompress on the way back)?

A. To give yourself more control over compression parameters, use gzip and the like manually to replace the files by their packed versions, keeping the folder structure intact. Then call Naamari.

Q. What about backward/forward compatibility between versions?

A. Sorry, none is guaranteed.

If you see a Surmountable Backward Incompatibility! warning on Download page when a new (N) version appears, it means that with some additional efforts you can use the new version to work with the data encrypted by the preceding (N-1) version.

Insurmountable Backward Incompatibility! is worse, in that you need to decrypt the data with the preceding version and then re-encrypt it with a new one (if you trust either).

Q. «Naamari»?..

A. Finnish, «the mask».

Q. ...and «lautta»?

A. «The raft».

Q. I don't see my question on this page!

A. Seems like you and the others didn't ask it frequently enough.

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