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21.04.2017. Minor updates, Naamari v1.3.2

• Transport module updated to work as a client itself when 1st argument is a dirpath instead of filepath (for example, a path to local folder where remote filesystem is mounted).

• Added syntax file for 'eindrivecmd', a simple command line client for OneDrive.

17.04.2017. Minor updates, Naamari v1.3.1

• Added syntax file for megatools, a command line client for Mega.nz.

• Extended format of .json describing client syntax now allows different names of applications that perform upload, download, and removal.

• Running cryptographic module with "--cr" or "--lf" option changes the character being appended to passphrase from 0 to CR (0xD) or LF (0xA), respectively; may be used to bypass incompatibility issue of previous version.

31.03.2016. Updates, Naamari v1.3.0

Insurmountable Backward Incompatibility!

• Added Linux-specific fragments to the source of cryptographic module, mostly for console I/O. Now the project can be compiled (with Qt) both in Windows and Linux. In the latter case, this is the preferable way of getting yourself the executable of cryptographic module.

• CR- or LF-character at the end of passphrase is mapped to 0-byte (was CR before). Old passphrases don't work anymore, since they are translated into different hash.

• Tiny interface fixes.

23.03.2016. Minor updates, Naamari v1.2.2

• Added DropBox support (no changes in cryptographic or transport module, the only new thing is the json with DropBox client syntax).

08.01.2016. Minor updates, Naamari v1.2.1

• Added verbose to transport module (displays progress after each processed file).

• ...100 days of Naamari's being around. So what?

19.10.2015. Critical updates, Naamari v1.2.0

Insurmountable Backward Incompatibility!

• Five 32-byte keys (pentad) are used instead of four, encryption scheme has been modified to prevent the truncation attack pointed out to us in this post on crypto.stackexchange.com.

• At decryption, the padding verification is now performed after the integrity hash verification, to prevent the padding oracle attack (same post).

18.10.2015. Updates, Naamari v1.1.0

Surmountable Backward Incompatibility!

• Four 32-byte keys (tetrad) are used instead of one. You can force the old mode by making a 128-byte protokeys file from four identical 32-byte blocks.

• Added the amount of available physical memory to entropy sources.

• Added the paragraph about tetrad depletion into the manual (see «Frailties» addendum).

02.10.2015. Minor updates, Naamari v1.0.1

• Added 'test' command to verify the integrity of files in the local storage.

• Added «Frailties» addendum into the manual, describing some common vulnerabilities and snags.

28.09.2015. Initial release, Naamari v1.0.0

Well... here it goes.

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