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Otherworld geometry

Imagine that the full (horizontal) turn, accordingly to the title, is 720 degrees, not 360. Since 720 = 360 x 2, we can consider such «doubled» turn as two «usual» turns, or, put differently, as two usual worlds stitched more or less smoothly around you (or your eyes).

At first you may think it's simply the usual world where everything is scaled horizontally, half of its original size. From equirectangular point of view, if you open 720-panorama image file, this assumption is plausible. However, from observer's point of view, this is not quite so, because the rules of perspective hold in both worlds, and the angular sizes of all objects remain unchanged.

Well, look around yourself.

Such effect is, in a sense, an intentional «glitch» of the normal 360-degrees panorama renderer; see, in particular, doCalc() function in the worker's JS-code. On the other hand, the one who has 720-degrees perception lives in both worlds simultaneously, and if at every position these worlds are stitched, this person could travel through them, alternating between the paths that are more appropriate in one world or another. Or maybe different positions connect different pairs of worlds? Or perhaps the two worlds are the one and the same, but at different times?

Obvious generalizations are Turn-360xN: Turn-1080, Turn-1440 etc.

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