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04.04.2021. Minor updates, RemotExam v1.0.6

• Added “send links to participants from selected groups” and “set exam for selected participants” to admin interface.

• After link has been sent to single participant, it is displayed, so that it can be copied and sent by other means (chat etc.)

21.05.2020. Minor updates, RemotExam v1.0.4

• Added microtime() of choice into pseudorandom calculation of variant.

• Added “show participants that have not made a choice” to admin interface.

07.05.2020. Minor updates, RemotExam v1.0.2

• Added “send link to single participant” and “set exam for selected groups” to admin interface.

• Exam to set is chosen from drop-down menu instead of typing its id.

03.05.2020. Initial release, RemotExam v1.0.0

• Hello quarantined world.

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